Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedding: Cupcake Mountain

Cupcake Mountain looms in the distance.

For our wedding, we decided to go the cupcake route instead of a traditional cake. Wedding cupcakes may not be as unique as they once were, but I've always viewed them as fun and lighthearted, which was the vibe we were going for. Plus my good friend and bridesmaid, Ella Golding, is a cupcake master, and can make a million vegan cupcakes in a hundred delicious flavors. Which she did. And delicious they were! (For more of Ella's gorgeous and delectable creations, check out her blog.) (And once again, all photos by my sister, Susan Hennessey. I know so many talented people!)

Ella puts the finishing touches on the cake.

Although we were happy to feast on cupcakes, Ella wanted us to have something to cut in front of our guests, as well as something to freeze and eat on our one year anniversary. Thus, in addition to a mountain of cupcakes, Ella also made us a small, two-tiered wedding cake, which she decorated to look as if it were covered in lace (just like my dress!). She also built the cupcake stand from foam and cardboard and scraps of fabric the night before the wedding. It looked great, but was only somewhat stable. Luckily, it never tipped or crashed - not even when we cut the cake! - and all our desserts survived intact. (Well, until they were devoured by eager guests. Which is about how long desserts should survive.). To top it all off, she handcrafted each of the flowers on every single cupcake. Simply amazing.

(I should also note that in order to make all this cake magic happen, Ella and her ever-supportive and patient fiancee drove to Wilmington from New York three days early, pulled an all-nighter to finish everything, and then she served as a gorgeous bridesmaid while dancing her ass off at the reception. We're talking TRUE FRIEND.)

But enough about Ella. On to the cakes!

Cupcakes galore!

Nom, nom, nom.

Cupcake Mountain in all its glory.

All the cupcakes were vegan, and only a few of the icings contained egg - everything was dairy free from start to finish. Flavors included: pumpkin chocolate chip; apple cider; red velvet; chocolate stout; and lemon meringue. I'm sure there were one or two others, but I can't remember them now. The pumpkin chocolate chip was my personal favorite.

Our mini-cake!

Cutting the cake.

A very special and public thank you to Ella for putting so much time and effort into our cupcakes and mini-cake. You're an amazing artist, a great baker, and a true professional (even if Seamus had frosting on his nose come morning). Every bite was sweeter because of the love and friendship you contributed, and we're forever grateful that you played such  a big and delicious role in our wedding. I love you!