Thursday, December 06, 2012

Honorable Mention and Share the Word

I have two important things to share with y'all - things I should have shared ages ago, which proves just how busy I am. Especially considering the first thing is that I won honorable mention in a writing contest. I know, right?!

The contest was the Sports Poetry and Prose Contest, hosted by Winning Writers, and the piece I entered is a nonfiction essay titled, "Go Agro," which chronicles my time with the Nacogdoches Rollergirls. Not only is the essay published online, but I also won $100 for my efforts. Pretty exciting, especially considering how much time I spent revising the piece. I originally wrote it in my first ever creative nonfiction workshop, back when I was taking classes for fun at SFA. I rewrote it and workshopped it again last semester in another class, and then revised it heavily after all the great feedback I got from my peers. Between those two classes it had been rejected from many publications, so I'm glad it finally has a home. If you read it, I'd love to know what you think! 

The second thing is that my MFA program is hosting an online fundraiser.We're trying to raise money for our worthwhile and meaningful outreach programs, including our reading series (which are mind blowing and open to the public), the Young Writers Workshop (a literary summer camp for young minds - you could fund a scholarship for a high school student!), Writers in Action (which sends MFA students into public classrooms, exposing kids of all ages to the wonder of the written word), Teens Out Loud (a writing workshop for local teens diagnosed with HIV and AIDS), and AWP (a yearly writing conference that UNCW helps our students attend via small scholarships). If you want to read more about these amazing programs, visit our website.

We realize that asking without giving is not very effective, so we have a variety of prizes that you can snag with your donation. Anything from $10 (which will get you stickers and paper goodies from our Publishing Lab) to $50 (a signed copy from a book by one of our awesome alumni) to $150 (a critique of a fiction manuscript), to name just a few. And while we've already reached the minimum we need (which is awesome and ridiculous - thanks to all who have already donated!) we're ambitious folks (in case that wasn't obvious) and the more we have to work with, the more we can do in our community. So, if you can donate, please do and accept my undying gratitude. If you're too broke, which I also completely understand, do us a tiny favor and pass it on. Every little bit helps.