Wednesday, January 30, 2013

13.1 Miles to Redemption

Last week, I officially registered for the Wrightsville Beach Half Marathon, which will take place on March 17th. Which leaves only seven weeks for training. Which is... not ideal, but definitely do-able. I hope.

I originally wanted to do the full marathon, but after my poor performance at the Battleship Half in November, I realized that I'm not quite ready - mentally or physically - to attempt 26.2 right now. 13.1, on the other hand? That I can do. 

Even though my training cycle will be short, I'm not exactly starting from scratch. I ran a half marathon three months ago, and I've been running fairly regularly since, in addition to kettlebell classes and tons of yoga. I ran a really decent eight miler last week, mostly because I promised myself that if I finished the run, I would reward myself by registering for the half. I would like to run a good race this time, so I'm going to follow an actual plan this time - I used the Runner's World SmartCoach tool, which I've had success with in the past. You simply plug in a recent race time (I used my 5K time from earlier this month), chose which day you want your long run to fall on (Wednesday, please), and decide how hard you want to train (I'll take Moderate, at 21-26 miles a week!). In return, SmartCoach gives you workouts which include long runs, tempo runs, and speedwork, along with the paces you should be hitting. It's pretty great, and did I mention free? 

According to SmartCoach, if I follow the prescribed training, I should nab a finishing time of 1:53:39, which is an average pace of 8:40, which would be a big PR. It's worth a shot, right? 

To aid in my goal of half marathon domination, I also rekindled my DailyMile account. I haven't used the site since I moved to North Carolina, and after I logged my first few workouts, I realized how much I missed it. The charts! The friends! The stats! Definitely a motivating tool. If you're over there, feel free to add me. We can cheer each other on. 

As for today's scheduled ten miler: I skipped it in favor of kayaking with Nathan and drinking a bottle of wine on the beach. I know, I know - this is not how domination works. On the other hand, it was 75 degrees and sunny, and that kind of day doesn't happen very often in January. Thus: the ten miler has been moved to Friday, and I promise I won't skip it again. Domination will be mine!