Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday +/-

I haven't done one of these in a while, and it's always a fun exercise. Thus: a list of the highs and lows of this past week, starting with the lows to ensure we end on a high note. 

- After a week's worth of record breaking temperatures (highs of 78 degrees! in January!) we got a ton of a rain last night which plunged us back into more seasonably appropriate weather. I know I should be grateful that we had any reprieve at all, and also I should stop complaining because 48 degrees isn't really that cold, but I don't care. I love warm weather and I won't be truly happy until it's summer again. 

- Nathan is currently unemployed, due to the increased intensity of his paramedic program and the fact that he is waiting for an EMT position to open. We still have my job, and we have a small pile of student loan money, but it is a finite pile, and each time we draw from it I feel a small flutter of panic. I know this is a temporary situation, but it's still stressful. On the bright side, it's keeping up out of the bar. 

That wasn't so bad. Now for the good stuff! 

+ Even though I'm married, I still read A Practical Wedding. I loved this recent post about how a wedding can motivate you in other, unexpected ways. This quote is my favorite: "I helped put together a wedding that was a reflection of my husband and my truest selves, and I want the other pieces of my life to shine out from that same mirror." 

+ Roasted sweet potato omelets. It's my new go-to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not all on the same day, but only because we don't yet have enough eggs. 

+ I've been doing so much yoga lately! I went to the 6AM class twice this week, plus a donation class at the fancy yoga studio, and I'm planning to go to Power Yoga later today. I love yoga, and I'm thrilled that my new schedule makes getting to class so much easier. Plus practicing yoga at 6AM has been oddly energizing, and seems to be benefiting my writing. And just in time! 

+ I know it's just the first week of school, but I feel so good about my classes and where I am in my MFA journey. I have a year and a half behind me, and a year and a half ahead. I have a core group of great friends, and a novel-in-progress that I don't totally hate, and a bunch of small projects that are inspiring and exciting. I feel more focused on my work, more comfortable in my program, and ready to make the most of the rest of my time here. I love what I do, and I want to savor that feeling, appreciate it and remember it. I want to do my best to feel this way as long and as often as I can. 

How has your week been? More +'s than -'s, I hope. At the very least, it is Friday, and that is a cause for celebration no matter what's been going on. Happy weekend!