Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Real Humdinger

I feel like I say this every week, but MAN. What a week. I've been feeling a little overwhelmed and might have had a cry or two, but yesterday I spent the morning in the garden, and this morning I went to a great yoga class, and now, magically, everything seems slightly more manageable. And even though I've been stressed and grumpy, the week has not been without a few highlights. 

Highlight number one: Nathan's birthday! He turned the big three-two on Monday, and between his day class and my night class, we didn't have the opportunity to do much. Which was fine with Nathan - he is always embarrassed by his birthday, which I do not understand at all - so we kept it low key. A double batch of brownies, a few gifts (a new card game from Erica and a manual for his motorcycle from me), some neat mushroom prints from Etsy (not pictured, as they didn't arrive until Tuesday and still need to be framed), and an assortment of fancy beers. Nathan may not be a huge fan of birthdays, but I think he liked this one. 

Highlight number two: We picked up two flats of vegetable transplants over the weekend, but as it SNOWED on Saturday night (just flurries, and they didn't stick, but it was the first snow Wilmington has seen since 2010 so people went a little crazy) we decided to hold off on putting them in the ground. Yesterday, it was warm enough to hang out in the yard and stick our hands in the dirt, and so we did. A few hours later I have three long raised beds, filled with broccoli, onions, kale, two kinds of lettuce, and Brussels sprouts. The collard greens, which we planted back in November, are still going strong. While we'll still have some chilly nights before spring officially arrives, these are all hardy plants that should all do fine in cooler weather. 

I'm most excited about the broccoli, as it is one of my favorite foods, second only to vegan chocolate pudding pie. Balance, folks. 

Highlight number three: While we were working in the garden, we decided to set the chickens loose in the backyard. Our yard is fenced, but the dogs spend all day asking to go in and out, and as they would like nothing more than a chicken snack, we keep the animals separate. Which is a shame, because I'd love for the chickens to have more free range time. (They spend the majority of their day in the little yard of their coop, which is part of the reason we're building them a bigger one.) They scratched around the perimeter of the yard for hours and hours, mostly sticking to the leaf piles under the azalea bushes, and it was really fun to watch them explore, always sticking close together. I think I'll start letting the animals use the yard in shifts, that way everyone is happy some of the time. I will not, however, ask the dogs to share the couch with the chickens. Equality only goes so far. 

There's also a big highlight-to-come, and that is spring break, which is less than two weeks away. I was planning to go to the AWP conference in Boston with most of my program, but after looking at my (lack of) finances, decided to skip it this year. I was pretty bummed, but now I'm actually looking forward to a week at home, with nothing to do except everything I don't currently have time for. Writing, cooking, blogging, running, maybe even a home project or two. It's going to be amazing. 

In the meantime, I'm going to take it one day at a time, do my best to stay stress free, and go to yoga as often as I can. Breathe in, breathe out.