Sunday, February 17, 2013

Doing All the Things

After a weekend spent sick in bed, and the following weekend partying it up at a wedding, I was more than ready for some serious productivity.

As my good friend Mel would say: boom, done. 

Okay, so there's a giant pile of clean laundry on the guest bed and I'm not done fact checking a story we're publishing in Ecotone. But please allow me to point out that the laundry is CLEAN (this is a huge step) and I made enough progress on facts that I will easily cross that item off tomorrow morning. I consider today a success. 

In addition to Sunday Tasks, my weekend was pretty lovely. We hung out with Actual Friends on Friday night, and spent a few glorious hours drinking too much red wine and playing Anomia, which is basically the card game of the year. On Saturday, Nathan and I shared a booth at the coffee shop - he was studying respiratory emergencies for an upcoming test, I was working on a short essay about yoga and home. We also went to a kettlebell class at the YMCA, which left me bowlegged and sore, and stopped at the farm supply store on the way home for chicken feed, where we accidentally bought two flats of vegetable transplants for the garden. Oops. 

Today, I managed to run eight miles, my longest run since I officially signed up for the half marathon next month. I swear, sometimes I think I'm cursed when it comes to races. I fork over my registration fee, and suddenly I get sick, or really busy, or have to travel. It doesn't matter how good my training has been progressing - as soon as it counts, everything goes downhill. Naturally, I will keep signing up for races and keep hoping for the best, because I'm an optimist and/or delusional. At any rate: eight miles and my average pace was 9:50. Not bad, considering the aforementioned kettlebell class. I have a feeling tomorrow's going to be a yoga day. 

Tomorrow I will have a new list of Monday Tasks, and I'm looking forward to it. But first: a glass of wine and some cuddling with the dogs, which is always sweeter when it's been earned.