Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ella and Phil’s Wedding

This past weekend, Nathan and I attended our good friend Ella's wedding in Albany, New York. Ella and I have known each other since we were next door neighbors in our freshman dorm at Purchase College, which  means we've been friends for over twelve years. Ella was a bridesmaid in our wedding, as well as our own personal cupcake factory, and I was a bridesmaid in her wedding. Which is why, when a blizzard was suddenly bearing down on New York and our Thursday night flight was canceled due to aircraft maintenance,  I had a moment night of panic. I was afraid we wouldn't make it to the wedding at all, and I spent a frantic evening looking up rental cars, Greyhound buses, and Amtrak routes, before finally re-booking our flight for Friday morning - just as the storm was scheduled to hit - and crossing my fingers. 

My first snow in years.

We ended up getting the very last flight out of Charlotte to Albany - it seemed that every flight to New York but ours was canceled. I'm sorry for all those other people who were stranded, but I'm so, so glad things worked out for us - and for Ella! And while Long Island got slammed with snow (my parents were shoveling 16 inches on Saturday morning; my grandparents got 31!) Saratoga Springs, where the wedding took place, had nothing but a six inch dusting. Whew! 

The wedding itself was pretty spectacular. The ceremony and reception took place at Canfield Casino, a gorgeous historic building in Saratoga Springs. The food was out of this world, with multiple themed stations during the cocktail hour and the reception. The dance party was kicking and the photo booth made for some fun and silly times. The speeches made me cry, the first dance included twirls and dips, and Ella and Phil, her wonderful new husband (seriously - the guy is catch!) seemed like they were having the time of their lives. The wedding was a great reflection of the two of them - Ella made so many things by hand (including all the bridesmaid jewelry and accessories, her veil, and the centerpieces) and Philip's Scottish heritage was definitely represented (the groom and groomsman were decked out in kilts, we all walked down the aisle to a live bagpipe player, and fancy Scotch flowed from the open bar). 

The Hennewards, in the photo booth.

This was my first time serving as a bridesmaid, and I have to say - I really liked it! Maybe it was because the bride was one of my best friends, but drinking mimosas in the bridal suite while everyone got their hair and makeup done was fun, and I didn't even mind posting for photos in a half a foot of snow when it was 2F outside. (Okay, I minded a little. Luckily, I really love Ella.) 

This was also my first time attending a wedding since our own, and while I've always enjoyed weddings (love! dancing! wine! speeches! fancy clothes!) I have a new understanding of and appreciation for all the work that goes into throwing a good one. Ella and Phil, you rocked it. Congratulations! Here's to a long and happy marriage! 

The newly married couple!