Monday, February 25, 2013

Half Marathon Training Update

After two decent weeks of running, I feel like I'm back on track with this whole half marathon training thing. Just in time, too, considering my race is March 17th. 

The last two weeks have looked mostly the same, with a few slight variations. I think I've finally figured out how to balance everything in my life, but I'm sure that won't last. Sometimes it seems as if the time it takes to think, "Hey, I'm all caught up!" makes me fall behind again. Oh, well, Better enjoy it while it lasts. 

M, 2-18 - Rest Day. I ran eight miles on Sunday and picked up kettlebells on Saturday for the first time in forever, so my legs were really, really sore. I did a short yoga workout late in the day, just to stretch things out. 

T, 2-19 - Vinyasa Flow. I usually go to Power Yoga, but my legs were still sore, so I opted for the slightly slower and easier class. 

W, 2-20 - Speedwork, 4 miles total. I was in a bad mood, feeling overwhelmed, and needed to push myself. Thus: one mile warm up, followed by 800 meter sprints with 400 meter recovery jogs. Repeat four times. Feel better at the end. 

TH, 2-21 - Power Yoga. This is the 6AM class that I really like. Nathan came with me, which was a treat. He's not usually a morning person. We did a lot of hip openers and headstands, two of my favorite things. 

F, 2-22 - Tempo Run + Power Yoga. It was cold and dreary, so I ran on the treadmill. One mile warm up, followed by three miles at 8:34, followed by a one mile cool down. Tough, but do-able. I went straight from the treadmill to yoga, which was maybe not the best idea, as the treadmill makes me dizzy. 

S, 2-23 - Kettlebell + Core. This is my favorite class at the YMCA. 30 minutes of kettlebells swings and presses and catches and snatches, followed by 20 or so minutes of core. Love, love, love it. 

Su, 2-24 - 10 Miles! I was groggy and tired when I started, but the longer I ran, the better it got. I even ended up with a negative split, which never happens! I was wary at first about doing my long runs the day after kettlebell, but now I think it's actually a good thing - running these distances on tired legs is good training. It means that when my legs are fresh, I'll basically be flying. (That's the hope, anyway.) I finished this run in just about an hour and thirty-nine minutes (see photo above) which works out to a 9:54 pace. Right on target! 

Total miles: 19
Yoga sessions: 3.5
Strength training:

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