Monday, March 04, 2013

Coop Progress and Dog Sitting

Nathan and I had a rare weekend home together - no shifts at the wine shop or school work for me, no paramedic clinicals or volunteer hours for him. We spent the majority of our time together in the backyard, making a fair amount of progress on our new chicken coop. We'd hoped to have it done before the new year, but that proved to be a lofty goal. Now I'll just be happy if it's done by summer. 

We started by laying down some free bricks Nathan scored to make a neat path that leads from our back door to the fence. The bricks are not really secure - they just look nice for now. We'll see how they hold up. As for the coop, when we last worked on it, we had finished the interior - the place where the chickens nest and roost, and the compartment where we'll keep hay and feed. This weekend, our goal was to put up the frame for the yard, and get the roof over it. Which we actually accomplished! Three cheers! 

Still a lot to do, but progress is progress.

And you might be wondering why on earth we're building a huge chicken coop in the backyard of the house we're planning to leave in five months. We've built the coop so that we can take it apart and bring it with us where ever we end up. It'll be difficult, of course, but possible. We've also been talking about staying here after all. We could get a few more space heaters next winter and never have to deal with oil again, and we do like the yard, and the location is pretty good. We have some time to think it over, and while part of me wants to decide right now and plan accordingly, moving is a pain and should not be taken lightly. On the other hand, we'll move eventually - we're renting, after all, and we don't plan to stay in Wilmington forever - so any way you look at it, this house is temporary. We might move in five months, we might move in five years. In the meantime, I don't want to limit the living I let myself do. So, bring on the chicken coop! We'll figure out how and where to move it when the time comes. 

In other news, you might have noticed a third dog in some of the photos above. That's our friend, Costello. 

We're dog-sitting this week while his owner is living it up at AWP, with most of my other MFA friends. If I can't go to the conference, at least I can console myself with a sweet faced Goldendoodle. I say sweet faced because Costello is actually kind of crazy. Think high energy, constantly moving, wrestling with Calvin, and generally keeping us all on our toes. He's a nice addition to the house, and I'm enjoying the week we get to spend with him (maybe all this running around will help Calvin finally lose some weight!) but I think my dreams of a three dog household have been put on hold. It's fun to watch them wrestle, though. 

One thing is for certain. Three dogs requires a bigger couch. 

As for all my lofty writing goals, I plan to be really productive as soon as I hit post. I gave myself the weekend off (it's spring break, after all) but today I'm back to the self-inflicted grind. I've already put away three loads of laundry (very necessary - it was piled on the guest bed all week and Costello, we have learned, has a deep love for socks) and straightened up the house. Next up: working on the outline for my novel, an afternoon yoga class, and a short shift at the wine store. 

Here we go!