Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday +/-

What a strange week it's been! No classes or teaching because of spring break, but extra shifts at the wine store so it doesn't really feel like a vacation. All my friends are out of town, so lots of alone time, but extra animals to take care of, so I feel busier than usual. Is it crazy that I'm looking forward to next week, when things are back to normal? It is? Oh, well. Let's just get to the weekly +'s and -'s then. 

First up, the not-so-good. 

- I AM SO SAD & DISAPPOINTED THAT I COULDN'T GO TO BOSTON FOR AWP WITH ALL MY FRIENDS. NOW THEY WILL SELL THEIR BOOKS FIRST AND MEET ALL THE FAMOUS PEOPLE AND I WILL DIE ALONE AND UNSUCCESSFUL AND NEVER WRITE ANYTHING AGAIN EVER. Whew. It felt good to get that off my chest. But seriously - I'm pretty bummed about not going to the Best Conference Ever, even though I know it was the financially responsible choice and that, in the grand scheme of things, one conference will hardly make or break my career. Still, I've been pouting about it all week. 

- It seems that every workout I've attempted this week has been a bust in one way or another. On Monday, I accidentally went to Old Lady Yoga at the YMCA, which was relaxing but not exactly a challenge. Then, on Thursday, my class was taught by a sub, who kept things much slower than I'm used to. I missed kettlebell on Saturday and my running has been sub-par. I'm pretty sure this is all because I have a half marathon next weekend, and that as soon as I'm not training for anything, my workouts will be stellar once more. Oh, well. 

I felt like there was more to complain about, but that's all I can think of right now. Perspective, y'all. It works. Which brings us to: the good. 

+ I've been making some good writing progress this week! Today I finished an essay I've been working on for months (and just in time for workshop next week), and I entered a contest and applied to a summer workshop thing. Even if I don't win or get accepted, it feels good to put my work out there. 

+ I'm reading A Visit from the Goon Squad and it is so, so, so good. Full review coming soon. 

+ I don't want to jinx it, but we might finish our new & improved chicken coop this weekend! We made enough progress this past Tuesday to sit inside it and drink a bottle of wine while the chickens tested it out. This, by the way, is totally normal behavior. My favorite part is the cute door knobs I bought at World Market. Our chickens like to roost in style. 

+ I love this piece in the Kenyon Review about a woman who ghostwrote a good majority of the Sweet Valley High books. It's about the Wakefield twins, of course, but it's also about identify, creativity, and self-worth. Definitely an interesting read! 

+ Vegan meatloaf at the Whole Foods hot bar. Enough said. 

Overall, it's been a pretty good week, despite the fact that I'm not in Boston. I hope you're having a week full of +'s as well!