Monday, April 01, 2013

An Easter Picnic

Easter, MFA style.

We were supposed to get tons of rain yesterday, but instead it was a gorgeous, sunny 70 degrees. If I was a religious person, I might call it an Easter miracle. But I'm not, so instead I joined some of my favorite friends for a picnic in a park, complete with lots of food, various drinks, and a million dogs. 

Seriously. Such a beautiful day, and so needed a long, dreary, and cold March. Welcome, spring! We missed you! Don't ever leave again! 

I contributed my famous vegan carrot cake, in cupcake form. My carrot cake recipe is actually the number one most popular thing I've ever written on the Internet. In fact, if you Google "vegan carrot cake recipe," I'm the third result. As I am not a real food blogger, and only post recipes once in a while, this is both a fluke as well as a testament to how good the recipe is. If this cake ends up being the highlight of my writing career, I might be okay with that. 

Nicola made deviled eggs, because no Easter celebration is complete without them. I've never made deviled eggs before, but now that we've got our own chickens it's probably time I learned. Yet another item to put on the post-semester to-do list, along with "get haircut," "call mom," and "revive social life." Just four more weeks... 

Nearly everyone came to the picnic accompanied with a dog, and the people were nearly outnumbered - my favorite kind of party. We brought the boys, and they were mostly well behaved, but I think that's because they were sitting near the popcorn and spent most of the time staring at it. (Don't worry - they got a few pieces.) 

As for the rest of the weekend: a ton of reading, grocery shopping, a kettlebell class, a five mile run in shorts and a tank top, and a trip to a local farm (more about that later!). I feel like I'm starting to get some variety back into my weekends, which is wonderful - not only does it give me something to blog about (very important) but it also makes me feel like an actual human, rather than a cog in the grad school machine. 

Now it's Monday, and I'm back to being a cog. But considering the lovely weekend I'm leaving behind, I can't say I mind. Hope you had a good weekend as well!