Friday, April 12, 2013

Application for Next Glass

Hello! My name is Chrissy. I’m a writer, editor, teacher, amateur beekeeper, chicken whisperer, failed gardener, distance runner, dog walker, yoga enthusiast, and beach worshipper. I've been living and working in Wilmington since 2011, and I don't think I'll ever leave.

I’m also an avid drinker. A few years ago my husband and I started brewing beer—our wedding favors were actually 22 ounce bottles of homebrew, though I should probably admit that most of them were over-carbonated and exploded on our guests. (Clearly this is some kind of metaphor for marriage.)

While a graduate student at UNCW, I spent a year and a half working in a high end wine shop. I learned just enough to figure out that I don’t actually know anything, but the introduction was priceless. During my tenure, I realized the following: ratings and tasting notes are meaningless, though they make good found poems. (My favorite? “A wombat rolled in anise.” I wish I was kidding.) Too many people assume price and quality are directly related. (Some of the best wines I’ve had were less than $20.) And when it comes to a well-made bottle, the story is almost as important as the wine itself. I spent countless shifts listening as the owner of the shop told customers where the wine was bottled, the history of the vineyard, how the bottle was named after the winemaker’s grandmother. It was fascinating and certainly more memorable than claiming a bottle would taste like old saddle leather or a citrus laced Asian pear. People, I learned, like a good story—a fact I understood as a fiction writer, and came to appreciate as an alcohol enthusiast.

Which is why Next Glass excites me, both as a consumer and as a potential employee.  I love the idea of applying science and DNA to the search for a new favorite drink, of working for a company on the cutting edge of the wine and beer industry, and of using my talents to tell the story behind the system. My skills and experience as a blogger (I’ve been keeping a personal blog for over nine years), a freelance writer (I currently write copy and blog posts for small businesses in and around Wilmington), and a researcher (I have an MLS in library science and was a research assistant for a book on the history of moonshine) would make a great fit for the kind of short, informational, and entertaining posts you’re looking for.

Next Glass is my kind of company—based on hard data and drive by unique preferences, a resource that uses science to enhance the drinking experience. I’ve love to talk more about my ideas for content and posts, and about the future of Next Glass.

Thanks for reading! I look forward to hearing from you.