Friday, April 05, 2013

Good Things

+ Only three more weeks left to this semester. Y'all know I love school, but my god this year has been a doozy. I am so looking forward to doing nothing this summer but selling wine, writing my book, and going to the beach. So. Close. 

+ Because we're nearing the end of the semester, all sorts of fun events and celebrations are happening. The last few Thursday evenings have featured thesis readings, which are completely mind blowing and inspiring and make me so proud to be a part of this program. Tonight is the Absurdist Reading, which is guaranteed to be a silly and fun time. Incoming students have been visiting campus, giving us a sneak peek of next year's crop of first years. There will soon be graduation parties and going away parties and publication parties and end of the year picnics. It's a lot to cram into a month, but I know we can do it. 

+ I ran six miles on Wednesday, and did an interval workout this morning. My favorite yoga instructor is finally back from a seven week stint in India, and I'm looking forward to going to his class in an hour. I'm feeling pretty good, health wise, and if I could just get my popcorn addiction under control, I'd be golden. Oh, well. We all have our weaknesses. 

+ Nathan and I are planning a three day camping trip in early May, before his summer classes kick in. We haven't been camping in forever, despite promising to go monthly in our wedding vows, so I'm excited. 

+ Next week is supposed to be sunny and in the high 70s. I can't wait! 

Any good things happen this week for you? I hope so. And if not, well, we've still got the weekend. <3