Monday, April 29, 2013

Letting Go, Holding On

This weekend was so nice - productive and relaxing, active and restful, social and doing my own thing. One of the highlights is pictured above - a Bloody Mary at Boca Bay, where I had brunch with a bunch of my MFA friends, in honor Lucy's graduation and pending departure from North Carolina. Not pictured: the two plates of food from the buffet I consumed, despite the fact that I already had breakfast. Pictured: my lovely friends, who smiled for the camera after I informed them that, starting right then, I was going to photograph things other than baked goods and chickens.  My friends are very patient.

Thanks, guys! 

Lucy and Matt. 

Lucy, in case you don't have the pleasure of knowing her, is one of my favorites. Funny, caring, awesome at board games, friend to all cats, great writer of nonfiction, and author of the best Facebook status updates the Internet has ever seen. We've spent many nights drinking too much wine, eating her home-cooked Indian food, singing karaoke, playing games, workshopping our essays, and discussing our pets/lives. UNCW won't be the same without her, so naturally we had to say goodbye (and celebrate her accomplishments) with brunch - a bittersweet breakfast for sure. Luckily we get her for another week, so I'm sure there will be more goodbyes to come. With some people, you can never have enough.

When not drowning my feelings in fried potatoes and Bloody Marys, I spent the rest of my weekend doing various things around the house - things I had been dreaming about doing for months, but didn't have the time or the energy. Things like: 

Framing one of our wedding invitations and hanging it in the living room. Mopping the kitchen floor and cleaning the chicken coop. Taking the dogs on two walks a day.

Making a huge batch of homemade granola. (I followed my friend Eralda's recipe - it's full of nuts and seeds, hearty, healthy and keeps me full all morning.) 

And weeding my closets and filling three bags with things to donate and giveaway. Over the last few months, I've added some minimalism blogs to my regular rotation, and they've inspired me to pare down my belongings, starting with my clothing. For years, I had a terrible habit of buying things from the discount rack because they were cheap - I'd take home a sweater or a t-shirt, even if I didn't love it, because it was only five dollars. But because I didn't love it, I never wore it, and seeing all the things in my closet that I didn't actually like made me hate my wardrobe  Now when I look in my closet I see things I enjoy wearing, things that make me feel comfortable, pretty. Things I forgot I owned because I was too busy hating all those cheap impulse buys. In this case, having less options makes things easier, and I suspect that's true for a lot of things. I will be blogging more about my forays into minimalism, but for now I'm relieved to have conquered my closet.

I hope you had a lovely weekend as well, and that you're starting the week refreshed and ready to go. As for me, today's agenda includes drinking a giant cup of coffee, making progress on my grading, hitting up a yoga class at the YMCA, and baking a double batch of vegan jalapeno cornbread for tonight's End of the Year Reading. Better get to it!