Friday, May 17, 2013

Awkward Teenagers

Ruby Redbird.

The chicks have been living full time in the little coop for about a week now, and they seem to be acclimating well. They're finally getting a little braver, and don't immediately run away, peeping for dear life, when I approach. Now, when I sit in the coop and keep still (or, better yet, fill my hand with food) they come right up to me. Their curiosity is finally outweighing their fear. 


Even though I see them walking on the ramp that leads to the "upstairs" area, they insist on sleeping in a warm little pile in the grass. I don't know when instinct will kick in and lead them upstairs - for now, I just wait until they're asleep and then gently pick them up, one by one, and put them upstairs. They peep like crazy for a few minutes, but then they fall back to sleep and don't come down until morning. 

Gossiping at the water cooler. 

Just like last time, I'm amazed at how fast the chicks are growing. At five weeks old, they already have most of their feathers, and the little puff balls we first brought home are a dim memory. Personally, I love the awkward teenage phase - they start to develop personalities, they get braver every day, and it's so fascinating to see what colors and patterns they'll end up with, feather-wise. The silver-laced Wyandottes are still mostly white, and it's hard to imagine them with a full body of dark coloring. The Americaunas are already gorgeous, and getting prettier every day.  

Hand feeding.


Meanwhile, the old girls celebrated a milestone last week - they turned one year old! I gave them some chicken scratch as a gift and then tried to take some photos, but they were too busy digging up the scratch to pose for a photo. This one of Alice was the best I could get. 

Happy birthday, Alice! 

Two seconds later, her beak was back in the dirt. These chickens are all business.

Gimme that scratch! 

And because he likes to be a part of everything, here's a cute photo of Calvin.

Happy Friday!