Friday, July 12, 2013

Must Reads

I've been trying to read more literary journals, both online and off, and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites here. Thus, I present to you: a semi-regular roundup of the best literary things I've read on the Internet this week. Have you read and loved anything lately? If so, leave a link in the comments! 

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Bodies that Mattered
by Amy Gentry, via The Rumpus

A heartbreaking look at the events in Texas over the last few weeks, and a first hand account of Wendy Davis' stunning and courageous filibuster. Mostly, though, this: "Abortion is testimony written on the body in invisible ink. We do not know who around us has had an abortion, or why. Abortion is the silent testimony of the body that survives. We can choose to speak from those wounds, but we cannot choose who will listen."

by John Mortara

John just graduated from my MFA program, and this is a free e-book he graciously put out. His poems are funny and sad, full of pop culture references, daring language, and ridiculous sentences that reflect the strangeness of life itself. 

Ode on a Stick
by Claudette Cohen, via Treehouse

This short, lovely, and haunting piece won second place in Treehouse's first annual Unusual Prose contest. I love the way it takes a basic idea and twists it into something full of beauty and power. 

The Accidental Beekeeper
by Benjamin Rachlin, via The Virginia Quarterly Review

Have you ever had a great idea, but neglected to act on it, and then someone in your MFA program has the same idea and actually executes it, except a hundred times better than you ever could? That's what happened  here. Benjamin, a fellow MFAer at UNCW, explores the issues facing beekeepers, through the lens of two warring beekeeping clubs in Wilmingon, NC. While I have my favorites (New Hanover FTW!) Benjamin offers a nuanced take on the debate. A great read for lovers of essays, bees, or - best of all - both.