Thursday, July 11, 2013

Three Months


Our baby chicks are now three months old, and a far cry from the tiny balls of fluff we first brought home. I should probably stop calling them "babies," especially since we're planning to move them in with the big girls soon. 

Hilda and Louise II. 

All five of the new girls appear to be ladies, which is both awesome and and a little frightening - eight chickens is slightly more than we planned to keep, but since we have the room, it'll be okay. One thing I've noticed about this group is that they're more timid than our original three. I don't know if it's because they we got them as chicks, whereas we hatched our first flock ourselves, or if it's just because I haven't had as much time to sit in the coop and bond with them. I will say that during this photoshoot yesterday, they seemed unusually comfortable with me. Hattie even let me pick her up and hold her. Progress! 

Ruby Redbird.

Next week, we plan to move them into the big coop.  I'm a little nervous about the transition, because figuring out the pecking order is never a pleasant experience. (Unless, I imagine, you're the head hen. Then it's probably very pleasant.) At any rate, the new girls are big enough to hold their own, and they outnumber the big girls, plus I think they're beginning to feel cramped in the small coop. I got some great advice on combining flocks from Tammy over at Our Neck of the Woods, which was so helpful. Fingers crossed that everyone adjusts quickly, with minimal injuries/hurt feelings. Obviously, I'll let y'all know how it goes. 

Until then!


  1. they are so beautiful! hope all goes well!

  2. Awww, look at how they've grown!!

  3. They are so pretty! Hattie's feathers are just gorgeous and so unique. Best of luck with the integration next week! I'm glad my advice helped - I love to share what has worked for me in my flock. Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible!

  4. Good luck with merging them, I hope everyone gets along. Ours have been in the same coop as the big ones now for a few weeks but sectioned off so they see each other but can't touch. It won't be long and we'll let them out and put the new batch in the little section. It's always so stressful those first few days as they settle in.