Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Rhode Island Wedding

First dance.

We spent the weekend in Rhode Island, celebrating the brand new marriage of our friends Miles and Briana. Miles is a friend from Purchase College, which means I've known him for fourteen years. He's also the reason Nathan and I met - we were both friends with him and ended up at the same party. The rest was history. 

That said, even I can admit that Miles and Briana have a better love story. They were high school sweethearts who stayed good friends even after breaking up, and got back together years later. They've seen each other through some very hard times as friends and partners, and their wedding was an incredibly emotional and joy-filled event. So many tears, so many smiles, so much dancing, all the wine, and lots of new friends. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. 

Morning view.

The wedding took place on a family home on the Narragansett Bay, and no matter where we looked, the view was incredible. Nathan was a groomsman in the wedding, so we stayed with a bunch of the other groomsman (mostly the ones who were a part of our wedding party, too) in a cute beach house down the road. Definitely a luxurious way to enjoy your morning coffee (or your after party beers). 


The best man brought his awesome dog Doom to the wedding. He's a pit bull/boxer mix, and the absolute sweetest and most gentle dog I've ever met. Everyone fell in love with him, but he only had eyes for his owner. Still, it was fun to have a dog to cuddle and pet, considering we had to leave our own boys at home. 

Making bouquets. 

A week before the wedding I emailed the bride and groom and told them that I was available and willing to do any last minute jobs that might be lying around. At our own wedding, we put our friends to work in a big way, and I still get overwhelmed with gratitude when I think about it. I wanted to pay it forward, and I wanted to do something nice for Briana and Miles, because I love them both so much. Briana ended up giving me the perfect job - making the bouquets! I enlisted the help of Tina, girlfriend of another groomsman, and we spent about two hours in the sun, next to the bay, putting together flowers and wrapping ribbon around stems. Briana bought hydrangeas in bulk, which are possibly the easiest flowers to turn into bouquets, and the most beautiful. We got the job done with plenty of time, everyone kept telling us how great they looked, and my need to have a job was satisfied. Success! 

Oh, hi!

This is the only photo I have of Nathan and I in our nice clothes. We are terrible at posing for photos and it took us about five tries to get this one.


The wedding had touches of an ocean theme, which was very tastefully done. I loved the centerpieces - Miles and Briana found and then bleached driftwood, which gave it a nice, weathered effect, and after the ceremony, the bridesmaids put their bouquets into mason jars that were ready and waiting on the tables. Easy, simple, and classy. 

B + M

Oh, and remember that embroidery project I was working on these last few weeks? It was a wedding gift for Briana and Miles, and I finished it just in time. I got the idea from somewhere on the Internet (there are many variations of this design out there) and made whatever adaptations my particular skill set demanded. This was my first embroidery project in years and it was oddly soothing to sit on the couch at night and pull thread through cloth. 

Don't worry - I removed the dog hair before I wrapped it. 

I learned two new stitches - the lazy daisy, and a french knot. Both were pretty easy, and I think they added just the right amount of variety to the piece.


All in all, it was a beautiful weekend with beautiful friends, and a wedding I won't ever forget. Congratulations to Briana and Miles! Here's to years of happiness, love, and friendship. <3


  1. How sweet! Rhode Island is very lovely through your eyes. I'm curious: does it feel different to you to attend weddings now that you are married?

    1. Interesting question! I have always loved weddings, so that hasn't changed. I do think that I now appreciate all the work that goes into the details, since I once had to think about all of those things myself. Mostly, though, I think more about the people getting married (especially when they're such good friends) then I do about myself, if that makes sense.

    2. Yes, that definitely makes sense. I usually have a better time at weddings if I can get into the spirit of happiness for the bride and groom. It's more uplifting to be in that moment of joy and celebration--a more spiritual experience, if you will.

      (In the spirit of confession, I will say that weddings are not always easy for me. I'm an atheist, and sitting in church is not really my idea of a good time. It's a bit of a challenge to get past the overt religious ceremony that is a part of so many weddings, but if I can get into the feeling of joy, then I will almost certainly feel happier about the wedding.)

    3. Most of the recent weddings I've been to have been the weddings of friends, which haven't been heavily religious, which is my preference. I most like weddings that celebrate community, honoring the friends and family that have helped the couple along the way, and letting friends and family feel joyful and happy for the couple.

      I don't really think of wedddings as spiritual events, oddly enough - I feel like love is very much of this world. The people we love are the ones that are supposed to help us enjoy and get through this life, and it's almost always a joy to see two people who have found the right person for that job.

      This getting really deep for a comment. But such an interesting topic! Thanks, as always, for asking the best questions. :)

    4. Oh, and I'm also an atheist! Church weddings don't make me uncomfortable, but that might be because I was rasied Catholic, so even though I no longer believe in god, I feel a bit of nostalgia when I'm in a church. And non-Christian weddings are fascinating to me from an outsiders' standpoint.

    5. Aw, I think that's super sweet that being in church makes you feel nostalgic.

      I think for me, spirituality is about connecting with something larger than me, whether that's another person, or an event, or even that sense of being connected to the earth or the universe by the same forces that made everything in existence. You're right that love is very much of this world. But being an atheist has not stopped me from searching for something deeper than the apparent material world. Sometimes, love gives me a glimpse of that thing I'm trying to find. It's kind of amazing, the way that weddings bring together so many people from so far away. Weddings can be great events for feeling like something small in a big, wonderful thing.

      I hope that made sense! I acknowledge the woo-woo-ness of it. Is it even possible talk about spirituality without sounding woo-woo?

  2. What an incredible love story! I get so teary-eyed when I hear about people who can make it last for so long from such an early age (even with breakups in between, or especially so). The wedding looks gorgeous and I loved following the pictures on Instagram :)

  3. What an beautiful embroidered piece and a perfect gift for a wedding! I was trying to learn how to embroider a while back. But it sort of went down like my knitting did. Needles, thread and material stuffed into a basket sitting next to my couch untouched, but lending a certain look to my living room that fools all my guests into thinking I'm crafty. :-)