Friday, September 06, 2013

Friday Plus

As a general rule, I try not to blog about blogging. I feel like doing so ruins the illusion - as if, by never mentioning the word "blog," we can all pretend this is a magical space where I just happen to write things and you just happen to read them. But when my blogging mojo is hit or miss (as it has been) the best thing to do is confront the issue head on. 

Calvin is not so sure about confronting the pool.

There are two reasons why I haven't been visiting this space as often as usual. The first is that I've been doing so much writing for my novel and other projects that I don't have any words left at the end of the day. Good for me, not so good for my blog. The second is that I've been feeling pressure (from no one but myself) to make my posts IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL and PROFOUND. This means a short post about how I spent my weekend or what I ate or what we're watching doesn't feel worthwhile. The kicker is that I love when other people share those details about their lives, so why the double standard? Also blogging is fun and silly and a little a lot narcissistic. It's an easy way to be part of a larger community. It's a great way to stay in touch with people. It's a daily (or weekly) writing practice, a moment to slow down and reflect on life and love and friendship and, yes, what I ate and what I'm watching and how I spent my weekend. This space is not important, and I need to stop treating it that way and just relax. I want this blog to be the kind of place where you can take off your shoes, have a little too much coffee and/or wine, and not worry about what anyone thinks. I want it to be that kind of place for you, and for me. So from now on, let's remember how not important this is, and just have a good time. Deal? Deal. 

And we're in!

Once upon a time I did a weekly +/- list of all the good and not-so-good things that happened each week. I was going to do that today, but I couldn't think of any -'s, so now this is just the Friday Plus. Fine with me!

+ This week is the Pooch Plunge, one of my favorite things about Wilmington. The week after Labor Day, before the public pool is drained and closed for winter, the town lets dogs in for a swim. It's $5 a pup and the money goes to the local animal shelter. We always bring our dogs at least twice - Seamus loves to swim and it's good for his old bones, and Calvin likes to bark at the water and eventually jump in. We went last night and we're already planning another trip this weekend. (I hope it's obvious that all photos in this post are from last night's plunge!)

+ The YMCA was closed last week for maintenance and repairs, which was a major minus, but then they reopened and added a new Barre class. I tried it out yesterday, and wow. How can such tiny movements cause so much pain and soreness? Needless to say, I will be back.

+ I'm only taking one class this semester (and teaching two, and taking thesis hours, and submitting like crazy in an effort to make my post-graduation job hunt a little easier) and so far, I really love it. It's called Hybrid Forms and last week, we read "The Distance of the Moon" by Italo Calvino. It was performed by Liev Schrieber and aired on RadioLab at some point - you can listen to it here. It's a lovely story, weird and sad and gorgeous. I hope everything we read this semester is just as good.

+ My friends Ella and Phil, who got married this past February, are currently on a honeymoon/road trip. They drove from New York to Florida, and stayed with us on the way down and then again on their way home. They are currently sleeping in my guest room, and we have grand plans to join the annual MFA Pub Crawl tonight. I'm looking forward to it, though I swear this year I'm going to drink water in between cheap beers. We'll see. 

The water's fine.

I hope you've had a good week as well, and are looking forward to an even better weekend. I plan to hang out with my friends, swim with the dogs, squeeze in a kayak, and get a head start on next week's lesson plans. See you then!