Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Published in Prime Number!

I am thrilled to share that over the weekend, a short piece I wrote, titled "Yes," was published in the latest issue of Prime Number Magazine! You can read it here

This piece is a little strange, because it's a true hybrid of forms - I've been describing it as "prose poem slash flash nonfiction," which is true and also really fun to say. It's also maybe the first and only love poem thing I've ever written, so consider yourself warned. 

As for stats (because I've been keeping track and I find this kind of information fascinating): this piece was rejected eight times before Prime Number accepted it. Three of those rejections were "high tier" - that is, personal and/or encouraging. The rest were form letters. Not bad, especially considering a story I wrote that's being published later this month was rejected 19 times before someone finally took it. This writing business is no joke! 

Thanks, as always, for reading and supporting. I'm always beyond grateful when someone wants to put my words in print, especially when that someone is a journal as wonderful as Prime Number. <3