Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Between the sudden arctic weather that arrived in Wilmington and my achy, sore, misaligned back, I was happy for last week to end. On Friday afternoon Nathan and I sat in the backyard and watched the bees while drinking a beer. Now that it's getting cold, they'll disappear into their hive soon, huddling together to stay warm, and we won't really see them again until spring. We were hoping to finally get some honey this year, but since it looks like it's going to be another long, cold winter, we're probably just going to leave them everything and hope for the best. One day we'll get the hang of this beekeeping thing.

Nathan worked a short shift on Saturday morning - he manned the ambulance during a local 8K - and when he got home, he told me we were going out to lunch and then to see the new Hunger Games movie. Nathan is hardly ever the one to suggest we go out to eat (he doesn't get excited about food like I do) so I knew this was an opportunity I had to take. We ended up checking out Sealevel City Gourmet, a newish restaurant specializing in vegan dishes, gluten free options, and seafood. An odd combination, but it worked. The restaurant itself is tucked away in a strip mall and doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it has a nice, old fashioned diner vibe. And the lentil patty melt I ordered was the best vegan burger I've had in Wilmington, so that was exciting. We'll definitely be back. 

The movie was pretty good, too. I haven't read any of the books, though I think I might indulge myself over winter break. I have more patience for YA movies than YA literature, generally, and the Hunger Games transcends the genre in a nice way. I like the commentary on reality television and class warfare, and I'm a sucker for a badass heroine. And since Nathan is a fan of almost anything with a post-apocalyptic vibe, it was a good movie to see together in the theater. Oh, and if you're as nerdy about literature as I am, I found this Slate article comparing the most used words and sentences in the Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter series utterly fascinating. I'd love to do a search on my own book and see what adjectives and phrases I overuse. 

In back news, things finally appear to be looking up. While I was still in a fair amount of pain this weekend, I could walk longer distances and sit through a whole movie without lying down, which felt like a real victory. The pain seemed to gravitate from my lower back to my hips and the front of my thighs, which was a bizarre sensation and further proof, I think, that my hip flexors are to blame. I've been to yoga at the YMCA almost every day this week, and while I had to modify a lot of poses, I definitely think it's been helping. Yesterday, I set up my mat in the living room, in front of the space heater, and did this twenty minute "Yoga for Runners" practice via YouTube, which was great. Lots of lunges and warriors and triangles, and my hips were much happier by the end. I've got another adjustment scheduled for today, so hopefully I'll be 100% back to normal soon. Fingers crossed! 

Overall, a nice weekend - a few indulgences, some time with friends, and plenty of relaxation. Now I just have to get through today and tomorrow and then it's Thanksgiving break and time for my number one favorite holiday. Watch out, tofurkies of the world. I'm coming for you. 

More soon. <3