Friday, December 20, 2013

A Morning Hike

We (Nathan especially) likes to be outdoors, but I hate to be cold. This makes winter adventures extra difficult. Luckily, we've had mild weather this week, so we decided to take advantage by heading just south of Wilmington, to a nature preserve called Ev-Henwood

Ev-Henwood consists of 175 acres of forest, with well-marked trails that wind through the woods, past lakes and marshes, with a lot of educational signage along the way. We hiked for about an hour and a half, and it was great - relaxing, interesting, and beautiful, too. 

Nathan is obsessed with fungi and moss. He's got quite the album of photos on his phone, and added a bunch of new ones while we were hiking. 

If you ever wonder who stops to read every sign and label on a trail, here's a spoiler. Me. I can't see words and not read them. I may need to seek help for this condition. 

The sign about the lichen was the best one. Lichen, I learned, is a slow growing organism. The oldest one on record is 4,500 years old! It's actually two organisms growing together in a symbiotic partnership, and they exist all over the world. Lichen is also very pretty. 

This old, boarded up house was in the middle of the perserve. It did not have a sign explaining it's origin or history, so I don't know much about it. It was kind of spooky, though. I may bring this photo to my fiction students next semester and tell them to write a story about the house. 

On one side of us was a pretty lake, which was fed by creeks that ran along some of the trails. 

The other side was a marshy, swampy body of water, covered in duck weed and algae, which was beautiful in its own way. 

We had a nice time out at Ev-Henwood, and already have plans for our next outing. We're going to bring a picnic and our GPS, maybe search for geocaches. At any rate, I'm glad we've got this little patch of wilderness a few miles from Wilmington. It's a good place to unwind.