Tuesday, January 07, 2014

It's Clucking Cold

This morning I woke up and found ice on the window of our back door. ICE. I live in North Carolina. On the coast. We're not supposed to get things like ice. And yet there it was, mocking me with it's cold, cruel beauty. 

The  main reason I live in the south is because of the hot summers and the mild winters. (I definitely don't live here for the political climate...) So when the "feels like" temperature is 5F, I can't help but feel betrayed. I don't even own a winter coat! My only consolation is that it will be back in the 70s on Friday, exactly where it belongs. Until then, we are hunkering down and doing our best to stay warm. Hot coffee, blankets, and two big dogs are making things a bit more tolerable.

I was a little worried about the chickens, as they can't exactly come inside, no matter how cold it gets. But since people keep chickens in places much colder than North Carolina, I figured ours would be okay. Still, I took a few precautions. Yesterday, before the Polar Vortex (yes, that is an actual meteorological term, which is the one bright spot in this whole situation) made it's icy arrival, I cleaned out the coop, so the chickens would have fluffy, dry straw to help them stay warm. I brought their water in once they'd gone to bed, to keep it from freezing, and last night and this morning, I threw a few handfuls of scratch in the run.

Scratch, a mix of cracked grains, is high in fat and low in nutrition, and should be given sparingly. The chickens' bodies have to work harder to break it down, which helps keep them warm, which means it is an excellent Polar Vortex treat. While they haven't been laying many eggs during this cold spell, they seem otherwise fine. A little annoyed, perhaps, and I'm sure they blame me for the weather, even though I've done my best to explain about cold fronts and Siberia and vortexes. They had no patience for my excuses. Tough crowd. 

I hope, wherever you are and however cold it is, that you're finding ways to stay warm. I'll be back later this week, with some book reviews (I read FIVE books in December! FIVE!) and less complaining about the weather. Until then! 

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