Friday, February 14, 2014

I Hate Winter

This week in Wilmington was a strange one! On Tuesday evening it started sleeting... again. Classes on Wednesday were canceled and pretty much the whole town shut down... again. This means we've had FOUR snow days in the past two weeks, and very little actual snow. 

And here is where I defend the South yet again - we don't have the equipment or the infrastructure to deal with this kind of weather. I'm especially aware of this now that Nathan is a first responder - the paramedics and firefighters have been incredibly busy this week, which means the rest of us need to stay off the roads and make their lives easier (and our lives safer). If that means missing yet another day of classes, then so be it. 

Despite the lack of snow, this particular storm was definitely the worst one yet. The sleet and freezing temperatures caused a sheet of ice to cover pretty much everything, which caused trees and branches to come crashing down all Wednesday long. Our power flickered all morning and finally went out at around 1pm. We decided to walk the dogs and survey the damage, and every two minutes we heard the a crashing of ice and trees as another branch fell. It sounded like broken glass and we made sure to stick to the middle of the road, so nothing would land on us. 

I hate cold weather. If I were to write a dystopian novel, as I am making my students do this semester, the inciting incident in mine would be the sun dying and the world going dark and cold. That's sort of what Wednesday felt like. Our power was out for over 24 hours, and the whole time the thermostat kept dipping. When I woke up in bed Thursday morning, I could see my breath. Nathan had to work, so my friend Erica picked me up and we spent the whole day out, running errands and hanging out in a hotel lobby, where we drank spiked coffee in front of a fire place and read books for pleasure. Not bad for a bleak dystopian future. 

When I called the power company, they estimated our power would be back by Saturday at midnight, so it was a huge relief to see my lights blazing when I came home from my adventures last night. Today the high is supposed to be 61 degrees, which is much, much, much better. 

I hope wherever you are, you're staying safe and warm! I know NY is getting slammed right now. Stay off the roads and crank up the heat. And pour something extra in that cup of hot coffee - it really is the best cure for a cold day. 


  1. Oh, man. What a crazy week for you guys! I'm sorry to hear about the storm and the terrible weather. Your spiked coffee and books in front of the fireplace sound pretty heavenly, though--I wish I could have been there for that :-)

    Cheers to a better weekend and springtime in the not-too-distant future! xoxo

  2. Interestingly (maybe because there are so many transient people here -- many who come from the south and are stationed on the military bases) there are almost always over 100 car wrecks each year when the first measurable snow falls. I think the craziest thing here is that people's studded tires tear up the roads so that they have huge ruts and potholes that create crazy 3D ice rinks when it sleets or when there is ice fog.

    I'm glad you guys stayed safe and that your power came back on early!