Monday, May 12, 2014

That's A Wrap

As of Saturday, May 10, 2014, I am a Master of Fine Arts.

We skipped the big, college-wide commencement ceremony in favor of brunch with my favorites, where we ordered double sized mimosas and I ate scrambled eggs on top of fried green tomatoes slathered in mushroom gravy. Then we headed to Kenan Hall, our academic home these last three years, for our department ceremony in the lobby. I put on a hot, scratchy gown and when it was my turn, I walked to the front of the room, stood awkwardly while a section of my thesis abstract was read out loud, and then closed my eyes as the head of the department hooded me - an archaic tradition which I sort of loved. Such pomp! Such circumstance! After, I stood with my fellow graduates and as each one returned with his or her hood, I whispered, "YOU'RE A MASTER!" Did I mention I love mimosas? 

After the ceremony, my favorites and I headed to Carolina Beach, where we spent the rest of the day lounging in the sun, playing bocce ball, drinking beer, and dipping various parts of our bodies in the ocean, which was still too cold for a proper swim. It was a perfect day - fun, low key, and surreal, and not just because I spent the bulk of it nursing a buzz. 


More soon. <3