Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Weekend on Long Island

When Nathan and I decided it was time to leave Texas so that I could get that MFA degree I'd been dreaming of, I mostly looked at schools in North Carolina and Virginia. I wanted to be back on the East Coast, so that I could visit my family on Long Island more often. After three years of living here, we finally drove the distance for a short, weekend visit. And I must admit: while NC is closer to NY than TX, it's still a really, really, really long drive.

The above montage of photos from there & back is a large part of the our trip. We left Friday morning and got to my parents' house around 11pm that night. The return trip started at 8AM and ended in our driveway at midnight. (Google Maps, it turns out, does not take DC traffic into account when estimating the length of a trip.) On the bright side, we were able to listen to a million podcasts (This American Life, Stuff You Should Know, and How to Do Everything were my favorites) and the dogs were angels, which basically means I should quit my complaining immediately. Done and done.

As for time actually spent on Long Island, it was relaxed and low key. On Saturday, we headed to the North Fork to visit some wineries, which is a new tradition that I very much enjoy. My favorite vineyard is called Croteaux. They specialize in dry roses and the wine garden is basically the most adorable place in the world. Obviously Nathan and I are now dreaming of opening a vineyard one day. 

We also visited Marcari Vineyards, which was okay. Bigger and more commercial than the family-owned Croteaux (where were served by the owners' daughter!), but still a good time with good wine. Plus the weather was perfect - 80F and not a drop of humidity - and I was with my mom, sisters, and husband, and that made the vineyard perfect. 

On the way we stopped at a farm stand for some veggies to grill and fixings for homemade guacamole. My youngest sister had never made her own guac before and she deemed our creation "better than Chipotle." That's what I like to hear. 

We spent Sunday at the beach and I don't have any photos, because I post enough beach photos on this blog. (<--- And yes, friends, I would hate me too, if I read that sentence on someone else's blog. Life is hard, you know?) Monday we headed back, drove for a million hours, and this morning I am here, at my desk, drinking coffee, writing this blog, and ignoring all the tasks on my to-do list, at least until I finish this cup of coffee. 

I hope you had a good weekend, too. More soon.