Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday High Five

Every other Friday, I post a short list of five things currently making me smile. This is the latest installment. For past High Fives, click here.

1. Basil, Blooms, and Berries
Since we're moving at the end of July, we didn't bother planting a full scale summer garden. I did, however, manage to plant some basil in large containers, so I can take them with us and still reap the benefits of homemade pesto (the best part of summer, IMHO.) We also had two pleasant surprises. The first is that the blackberry cutting Nathan's mom brought us two years ago (the same time she delivered our chickens-to-be) is still thriving. It's currently covered in tart, magenta berries right now, and I'm counting down the days until they're ripe. The other surprise? The bee balm seeds we planted last summer have actually sprouted and bloomed. Utterly unexpected, completely delightful. I <3 Summer.

2. Emoji Analysis 
My friend Sally sent me a link to this blog, wherein the author analyzes your recently used emojis, then tells you what's wrong with your life. As an emoji aficionado, I sent mine in immediately (they're pictured above) and I am eager to see myself unveiled.  Also, I use some weird emojis. 

3. These Dogs. 
Right now North Carolina is very hot and humid. Seamus is approaching his tenth year on this planet (just look at all that white on his snout!). Calvin is just sort of lazy. The culmination of these facts is that often, mid-walk, they will find a fluffy patch of shrubs or some especially thick grass, and lie down in it, panting and grinning and sometimes rolling around on their backs. I indulge them, because look at those faces. Best dogs ever. 

4. Will Work for Wine. 
Remember the alcohol app I'm working for? Well, last week I got to tour the lab where the DNA of drinks is decoded by a team of chemists. When we got to the cellar, we were allowed to take all the wine we wanted, for free. The bottles had been opened and a tiny amount extracted for samples, but they were resealed with nitrogen (which mostly keeps it from going bad). I took many bottles, and so far all of them have tasted fine. Also, I can't seem to get rid of this hangover. I wonder why. 

5. This Postcard. ^
Erica has this postcard on her refrigerator, and every time I see it I feel either inspired, or ashamed. I'm working on feeling inspired all the time. It's an uphill battle. (For sale here, though currently out of stock.) 

Hope you had a great week, full of finished projects and productive days. On to the weekend!