Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello, New House!

Over the weekend, we officially signed the lease on a new place, and it could not have come at a better time. I've complained about our current home in the past, and since then it has not gotten any better. While we made a lot of good memories over the last three years (I wrote a book! Nathan became a paramedic! We got married!) we're more than ready to move on. 

The new place is literally a mile away, so the move shouldn't be too hard. We'll be on a quiet street in a tucked away neighborhood, instead of a busy road. The landlady is awesome, friendly and attentive and responsible. (Our friend has lived there for the last three years and raved about her, which is reassuring.) And the house is in great shape - it has a new roof, new windows, and things are fixed as soon as - and sometimes even before! - they break. That will be a nice change. 


One of the most exciting things about the new place is that it's smaller than our current home. Yes, that's right. I said smaller. I know the tiny house movement is huge right now (see what I did there?) and maybe I'm just a trendy hipster, but I love tiny houses. I love the idea of keeping only the essential, of everything having a nook to call home, of having a small footprint that's easier and cheaper to maintain. While our new house isn't exactly tiny (it's 973 square feet, with a back deck and a big yard) it's one step closer. 


I'll do an official tour once we move in so for now words will have to suffice. The house has a small galley style kitchen and a living room with space for kitchen table. No dining room, which I prefer. I don't need a whole room dedicated to a table - especially if it means I get an office, which I do! It has a door and looks out over the backyard, and I cannot wait to have my own space where I can keep my projects organized, my writing focused, and my freelance business running. Plus the office walls are a buttery, sunshine yellow, which is really the icing on the cake. 

There is also a good sized bedroom for me and Nathan, as well as a small guest room which will double as Nathan's office. We're going to put a futon in there instead of a guest bed, to save on space. And only one bathroom, but we're used to that and have gotten pretty good at timing. (TMI? Oh, well.) 

We're not moving until the end of July (COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS) so until then, I'll just be dreaming about tiny houses, paint colors, garden beds, and my own little office. We like all the colors in the house except for the living room, which is half yellow and half red - not our style at all. I'm thinking a light gray would be nice - kind of like this: 

Gimme those gray walls.

The one thing I keep forgetting in all my daydreaming and scheming is that we have to actually, you know, move. Pack things up, dismantle and re-mantle the chicken coop, have a come-to-Jesus with our worldly belongings. That sort of thing. This will only be our third move in nine years, so I'm nervous and excited - the novelty hasn't worn off yet. I also hope that this will be our last rental, and that when we move on in a few years it will be because we've finally saved up enough to buy our own tiny-ish house. For now, a better home, in a better neighborhood, with a better landlady, is a step in the right direction. 

Do you own, or rent? If you own, when did you buy your first home? We're in our early 30s but I feel like we do everything (grown up careers, marriage, etc) at a slower pace than most.