Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Moving Day(s)

Surprise! Thanks to a sweet friend, a flexible landlady, and the wonder that is the universe, we've started moving in to our new place two weeks early. Cue frenzied packing, cleaning, and painting! Oh, and gratuitous before photos. Can't forget those. 

(Our new living room! There's a mini-wall [not the technical term] that sort of indicates a dining room-esque area, which is where we'll put our kitchen table. The fireplace doesn't work, but it sure looks pretty. And the red accent wall isn't really our style, which is why we're painting this room before we start moving in furniture.) 

Our dear friend Jen has lived in this house for the last three years, and we've always thought it was adorable. When she got a job in Seattle after graduation, we jumped at the chance to move in right behind her. She ended up signing a lease earlier than she planned and left mid-July instead of the end of the month, handing us the keys before she fled West. Then our new landlady said we might as well start moving in now, as there was no reason to wait. It was an offer she did not have to make twice. 

(New kitchen! Small, galley style space. Plenty of cabinets and a dishwasher! I'm not crazy about having the washer and dryer next to the refrigerator, but the dryer does provide some extra counter space, so I'm not complaining.) 

Even though we have the go-ahead to move in immediately, we still have to do some things - like paint and, I don't know, PACK. While we don't have a ton of stuff (we've done a good job of culling our possessions for the most part - minimalism FTW) there are a few items that will be a headache to move across town. Such as the garden beds and the chicken coop. I'm not looking forward to that project. 

(Teeny tiny bathroom! The yellow room will be my office, and the blue room will be Nathan's laboratory and the guest room. We're planning to get a futon, as our guest bed would pretty much fill the space. I'm really excited to have an office with a door!) 

Monday night, we sat in the empty house with the dogs and drank a bottle of wine while daydreaming about where we would put things. Yesterday, we got our paint choice approved, purchased two gallons, and got to work. Even though taping took a million hours, we managed to get the first coat of paint on. I was worried about that red wall, but even with just one coat it looked really good. We're going to do a second, but that will have to wait until tomorrow. (We chose Valspar Green Tea Leaves, which I described as "mossy green" and Nathan said, "Mossy?! Are you crazy? It looks way more like lichen." Whatever.)  

(Master bedroom. Or, as they say on HGTV, MASTER SUITE. It is gray. It is rectangular. It will be a good place to sleep. Is it just me, or are bedrooms the least interesting room of the house?) 

Goals for the week: pack, pack, pack. Get another coat of paint on the walls. Start moving furniture over. My dearest hope is that we'll be completely moved in by Saturday night, but between our work schedules and that damn chicken coop, I may be pushing it. Wish us luck!