Thursday, August 07, 2014

Published at xoJane!

Friends! I'm popping in to let you know that I have a short and sappy essay up at xoJane today. In true xoJane fashion, it's called "I Dated My Husband for 10 Years Before I Was Ready to Marry Him." In case you can't tell from the title, it's about love, marriage, and patience. It also features this photo, which was taken by our friend Terry shortly after we started dating, when we were barely 21 years old and I still had dreadlocks. Oh, youth.

N and me, ten years ago.

And in case you like background on my published pieces: this one was part of an experiment in which I am pitching ideas to magazines and websites that actually pay. While the process is a bit time consuming and can be very hit-or-miss (you have to actually read the magazine or website so you know their style, and there's no guarantee they'll take your idea) it's essential to building a proper Freelance Empire. Luckily, the worst someone can say is no thanks, which, as a writer, I'm quite used to. The best that can happen is they say yes, and you get to see your words in print and watch your bank account grow a tiny bit! 

As always, thanks for reading my words and for being supportive of my work. I appreciate it more than you could ever know. <3