Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Reads

I've been saving up links over the past few weeks and finally decided it was time to hit publish. Most of these were written by friends and former professors; each one is lovely and perfect.

Enjoy, and happy Friday!

"today I am coming out as a person that is capable of large amount of love for other persons" by John Mortara (If you haven't read John's work yet, prepare to fall in love.) 

Two super gorgeous poems by Kathleen Jones in the new issue of MiddleGray Magazine (flip to page 34, but also read the whole thing). Plus an interview! "Kathleen Jones on Foreignnes, Home, and Flower Cacti"

"Portraits of Handwashing" by Eric Tran (so swoon-able.) 

"Mama Never Told Me There'd Be Days Like These Because She Met My Father in Kindergarten and Carried Only His Name in Her Notebook All the Years Since," by Sally J. Johnson (Everything Sally writes is gold.)

"A Guide to Surviving Your Father's Homelessness" by Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams (I was so lucky to turn Hannah from a professor into a friend!)

"Prayer for Gluten," by Wendy Brenner (I laughed and laughed, and then I ate a loaf of bread.) 

"Living Simply in a Dumpster," by James Hamblin. (I do not know the writer or the man in the dumpster, but I really enjoyed this article and thought you might, too.)