Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Last Three Weeks

Hello! I certainly didn't mean to stay away from this space for three weeks, and yet my last post was published on November 19th. Here's what you missed.


A bit of a bust. While my best friend from grad school, Erica, was in town for a week, my parents' flight from New York was canceled at the last minute due to mechanical issues and bad weather, and they weren't able to make it. I was very upset, as my parents never, ever, ever visit me (I'm always schlepping to New York) and also I miss my mom constantly, but I was able to drown my sorrows in tofurky and pie, so all was not lost. Plus we hosted a small group of lovely people, drank wine, and played a thousand rounds of Scattergories. Overall, I was thankful.


If you recall, I was aiming to write one flash piece a day during the month of November. I was doing well for the first half of the month, and then I stopped. I wouldn't call it "giving up," or "failing," exactly. I was just sort of... done. I got a few good pieces out of the experiment, and a few horrible ones. And about half of the flashes I wrote were actually tiny scenes from the book I've been thinking about writing next, which was perhaps the greatest gift of all. At any rate, I felt like a winner.

The Next Book 

After compiling a few false starts, some fits and bursts, and all that flash into a document, my new book is already 5,000 words and counting. I'm at the stage where I hate every single word (naturally) but I do like the characters and the loose plot already, so I feel like I'm beginning in a good place. That's all I'll say about the book for a long time - I learned my lesson after the last one. (The lesson being: everything will change at least six times.) 


This is the real reason I've been away from this space. I've been writing a lot for other places, and making some decent money in the process. I'm thrilled to report that we're ending 2014 on a slightly higher note as far as our financial life goes. (Though, to be fair, there was nowhere to go but up.) Here are some of the things I've written lately that I like best: 

Looking Ahead 

As 2014 winds down, life is getting a tiny bit slower - at least for a few weeks. The semester is over, so I'm not teaching again until early January (I got a Freshman Seminar section for the spring!), freelance is quiet, since most my clients are going on vacation, and we're not traveling anywhere for Christmas this year due to financial restraints. I'm looking forward to blogging more often and also to reflecting on last year and planning for the next one. In other words: more soon, for real this time.