Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Very Successful Three Day Weekend

Now that I work full time, I have rediscovered the magic of three day weekends. I will admit: at first I was nervous about taking advantage of the long weekend, afraid I might be out of practice, that I would squander the gift of these days by sitting around or, worse, cleaning my house. Friends, I am happy to report that by Monday evening my heart was full, my body tired, and my hangover surprisingly slight. Here's how I managed to have the best Memorial Day weekend ever. 

Step One: Birthday Shenanigans 

Friday night was my friend Kat's birthday, so after work we headed out - and stayed out. We started at the Husk, a downtown bar with a great outdoor area, and drank beers and tequila shots until it got dark and when we got hungry. Then we headed upstairs to Yosake, a very good restaurant (where Nathan and I decided to get married, as it so happens) and stuffed ourselves silly. We ended the evening by dancing the night away at Lula's, despite the fact that Lula's is less a dance club and more a dive bar. The other patrons might have found us insufferable; I have no idea. See tequila shots. At any rate, it was a great time and the fact that I stayed up until 2AM made the weekend seem wonderfully long. 

Step Two: Pick-Your-Own Berries  

I skipped hot yoga on Saturday (see tequila shots) but did manage to rally the troops for an outing to Lewis farms for some berry picking. Our group split up as soon as we hit the fields - half of us wanted to pick strawberries, while the rest wanted blue. Luckily Nathan and I were on different teams, so we ended up with a bucket of each. So far I've been eating a ton of berries every day, but I have grand plans to make blueberry pie and a vegan strawberry shortcake with coconut whipped cream. Will I accomplish these lofty goals before the berries go bad and/or I eat them all by the handful? Only time will tell. 

 Step Three: Breakfast Taco Party 

Finally, the moment I'd been looking forward to for weeks: BREAKFAST TACO PARTY. This party is an annual tradition that my friends K and D host, and it is exactly what it sounds like - a party, celebrating the art of the breakfast taco. There was so much food that I showed up for breakfast and stayed for dinner, because you can never have too many tacos. There was also cornhole and weird fortunes and coffee spiked with bourbon. The weather was glorious and the porch was full of people I love. The best part, however, were the buckets. Buckets are a delicious mixed drink served in (clean) paint cans. The drink contains bourbon, mint, sugar, and fresh squeezed citrus. It is then adorned with many straws and passed around family style for everyone to sip. Is it sanitary? No. Does it contain enough bourbon to kill anything that might be passed on? Probably. Did anyone care? Not when buckets are at stake. 

As you can see, it was a wonderful weekend that left me feeling pretty damn grateful for my life here in Wilmington. If the last few days are any indication, it's going to be an excellent summer.