Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Not Quite Beachy Keen, But Close

Good news, y'all: summer is here. This is partly why I've been a terrible blogger (or at least it's my latest excuse). Every evening when the day is over, Nathan and I retreat to the back porch until it gets dark, to sit in the fading sunlight while sipping white wine. (White wine! How I've missed you!) While this has been a truly lovely routine, it doesn't leave much time for blogging, especially after working all day, writing all morning, and occasionally working out at night. A small price to pay. As we all know by this point, I love summer more than any other season, but somehow experiencing it anew each year is still such a pleasant surprise. 

To celebrate the unofficial arrival of summer, we headed to the beach this past Sunday. This wouldn't normally be a huge deal, because we live exactly seven miles from the ocean. This trip, however, was a little more interesting because instead of driving to the beach, fighting for parking, and coughing up $2.50 an hour for the meter, we drove to a marina and stepped onto a lovely little boat. 

One of our new friends just happens to be a captain who works at a marina, and he has access to the boats when he's off duty, which is pretty much the best job perk ever. We took a boat up the Intracoastal Waterway, out past Figure Eight Island, a private island accessible only by super rich people, and anchored ourselves just off Lee Island. Then we spent the whole day in the sun and surf, boogie boarding, eating Snapea Crisps, and drinking a cooler full of beer. It was pretty much perfect, despite my slight sunburn and the terror I experienced every time the boat went around a bend. Mostly, though, it was perfect. 

Other than going to the beach, life has okay. Honestly, the last two weeks have been really busy and I've felt a bit overwhelmed. This probably has something to do with the fact that school ended and now I'm actually working 40 hours a week at the marketing agency - I hadn't realized how much I cramming into those two free mornings, and I've yet to find a way to balance all the components of my life. Yes, I've been pretty good about writing first thing in the morning, but I'm only working out half the time, and cooking anything has been hit or miss. I'm hoping this is the week it all starts to click, because life is pretty good right now but I can't quite enjoy it as fully as I'd like. Once I get some semblance of a balance back, I'll be better equipped to make the most out of each moment. Until then I feel a bit like I'm treading water, waiting for my turn to use the boogie board. 

In the meantime, I need to finish this cup of coffee and go to work. If all goes well and everything falls into place, I'll visit this space again on Friday and tell you all about our new bees (!). 

Until then!