Wednesday, June 10, 2015

10 Years Later

Yesterday was the ten year anniversary of this blog. I meant to commemorate the occasion in some big, splashy way. A retrospective, or a giveaway, or at least a photograph of some cupcakes. Instead, I'm a day late and kind of tired, so this will be short. 

Ten years is a long time. I think the only other things I have done for ten years or longer, consistently, are my relationship with Nathan and wanting to be a writer. Everything else - my job, the state in which I live, the people I see every day, my hobbies, my habits - has changed. And yet this blog soldiers on. 

I'm proud of having a blog this old. I mean, it's practically ancient in Internet years and it narrates almost a third of my life, for better and for worse. I used to go back and read old entries pretty often; now, I hardly ever think about them. I used to blog almost every day; now, I'm lucky if I show up once a week. I used to write openly about my feelings, how I spent my day, what I was afraid of; now, there's a lot I hold back. 

Sometimes I think about this blog and wonder why I still feel the need to come here. I spend far more time on Twitter and Instagram, and interact with people on those platforms way more than I do here. Most of the blogs I used to love have shut down or post as sporadically as I do - it seems we're all growing up and moving on, too busy to dissect our lives online, for everyone to see. But there's something about blogging that I still love and can't quite replace. I like the space I have to ramble and spread out. There's no character limit, no hashtags, no filters. I never thought blogging, of all things, would feel retro or old-fashioned, and maybe now that's part of the charm. In a world where everything is made to be created and consumed instantly, blogging takes more time. It's thoughtful, intentional. And even if I only post a few times a month, I like knowing this space is here when I need it.

Here's to the last ten years. Here's to ten more, in some form. 


  1. Happy 10 years! It's amazing to fathom that you've documented 10 years of life online! I think my blog will be 9 this year -- feels like not too long ago that I first hit "publish"!!

  2. Congrats! That's a hella long time. I quit updating my blog, and occasionally comment here, but I like what you write and do read it! I also consistently go back to your book reviews when I am looking for new books to read.

  3. Nice job. 10 years is a long time. Most of the blogs I followed did stop posting a long time ago. but I haven't found new ones and I'm low on time so it works out well. I started my blog in 2010 but transferred all of my livejournal over so it goes back to April 2003.