Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Published in Bodega!

Here is how busy I've been / how much I've been neglecting this space: a whole month ago one of my stories was published in Bodega, a great little literary magazine on the Internet, and I am only getting around to sharing it with you now. (I have, of course, already shared it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but it doesn't seem real until it claims a space on the blog.) 

The story is called "Southold," and it's part of my collection-in-progress. All the stories in the collection take place in the same small town on Long Island, which is a fictionalized version of the place where I grew up and which I'm calling Bellhaven. (You can read more Bellhaven stories on my website - a few others have also been published.) 

This particular story was the last one I workshopped in my MFA, which means it was written over a year ago. I'd been revising it on and off ever since, but was never quite happy with it. I think I must have switched the POV and the tense about seven or eight times. It feels sort of sacrilegious to admit that even though this story is published, I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I really love it, and sometimes I am mortified that it exists. I think this conflict is common among writers, and if it is not common, then feel free to lie to me. 

And any rate, I'm grateful to Bodega for loving my story enough to publish it - they're a lovely magazine, publishing just a few stories and poems on the first of each month. I highly recommend reading every issue and sending them your own work, too.