Friday, July 17, 2015

How Is It Already July and Other Rhetorical Questions

I don't really have any other rhetorical questions, but I am surprised that to see that July is almost half over. There's no reason this should shock me - I was here for the whole thing, after all, but there's something about the passing of time that still seems unfair. At any rate, here's how I've been spending my summer. 

At the beach. No surprise there, since we live on the coast. I am happy to report that we haven't been attacked by any sharks, despite that the fact that they've been snacking nearby. We did, however, kayak out to our favorite island and spend the night there. In the morning we had the whole beach to ourselves and were treated to a playful pod of dolphins just out of reach. We walked about a half mile down the shore and followed them, and they were leaping out of the water and playing and having what looked like a great a time. It was pretty magical. 

In a book. I still haven't recapped my June reading list here (shocker) but I have been reading steadily this summer, and all of 2015. In fact, I'm in the middle of book number 25 and since we're in the 29th week of the year, I'm pretty damn impressed with myself. The only thing longer than the list of books I've read is the list of books I want to read. So many good ones are coming out right now and it feels like an exciting time to be a reader and a writer and a human. Books! Nothing is better. 

At the office. I've been at my job now for almost four months, which flew by. (This probably explains why I looked up and it was suddenly mid-July.) There's not much to say about my job, except that it is pleasant, I like my co-workers, and I appear to be good at what I do.  Would I rather spend 40 hours a week reading a book on the beach? Wouldn't we all? But if you have to have a job (and I do) then I feel lucky and grateful to have this one. 

In the middle of Mad Men. Despite being a Mad Men devotee, I have yet to see the final season of the show. We watch it on Netflix and season 7 hasn't shown up yet, so instead Nathan and I decided to rewatch the whole thing from the beginning, to build anticipation and remember all the things that happened. This has made me believe 1. that I actually am Peggy Olson, especially now that I'm a copy writer at an ad agency, and 2. that Mad Men is the greatest television show that ever existed. I will write a think piece about this when we're done, because if the world needs anything, it's a think piece about Mad Men. 

On Twitter. I may not blog as much as I used to, but I'm still on the Internet all day long. I just spend most of that time on Twitter, which continues to be my favorite social media platform of all time. It's where I find out about everything, from news to writing to nerdy jokes to important culture movements like #BlackLivesMatter. I'm in a place, in life and on the Internet, where listening is more important than speaking, and Twitter is perfect for that. You can find me here, if you're interested, and we can listen to each other. 

You're turn - what are you reading / watching / tweeting? Tell me everything and I will listen closely.