Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekend Reads From Around The Web

I read a lot of things on the Internet. Here are the essays, articles, and interviews I liked best these last two weeks, just in time for the weekend!  

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"No one in this industry has to be convinced that books matter. No one who managed to make it onto this banana farm would be here, underpaid and often underrepresented, unless books—literary or otherwise—mattered deeply to them. But if people in publishing genuinely believe that books save people’s lives, their output shows they believe only certain lives to be worth the trouble."   

I will read anything Rachel Syme writes (Selfie, anyone?) and I will also read anything that analyzes a nostalgic pop culture phenomenon in such a smart and vivid way. Also I grew up on Full House and am unabashedly looking forward to the reboot. No shame here. (UPDATE: I watched the first two episodes and couldn't bare to watch anymore. Sorry, Jodie.)

He Rescued a Dog. Then the Dog Rescued Him. NPR & Mutual Rescue

I made the mistake of watching this at work and then weeping openly at my desk. Yet another reason open office plans are the worst. 

10 Things I've Learned in a Decade of Roller Derby, Medium

I "know" Lauren from when we both blogged about roller derby all.the.time. Ten years later, she's still involved in the sport and this beautiful and funny essay is the result. Reading it made me laugh, cry, and long to hip check someone.

The Return of the D.I.Y Abortion, New York Times

Two of my favorite things - Google and reproductive rights - collide, but in a horrifying way. This article reveals the dark truth of what happens when women's rights are slowly stripped away.

How to Pay for an Abortion, by State, Cosmopolitan

Relevant and a great resource, especially after that last article. Rights shouldn't be limited to the rich.

The Official Bullet Journal Guide, Bullet Journal

After seeing the bullet journal system floating around the 'nets, I finally caved in and started using this analog organizational process. After just one week, I'm a convert. I'll write more about this in the future, when I have a few more weeks under my belt, but for now I will say the system is elegant, useful, and as simple or complex as you want it to be. (I'm sticking with simple for now, but I'm also stalking Instagram for beautiful examples of other people's journals.)

Questions I Would Have Preferred to Have Been Asking In My 30s In Lieu of "Why Don't You Want Kids?", McSweeney's

I actually don't get asked this question very much, but I have a feeling that will change as I creep further into my 30s. At any rate, this made me laugh.

Have you read anything good, interesting, or horrifying this weekend? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter! In the meantime, happy Friday.