Monday, July 17, 2017

Three Frugal Fails: They Can't All Be Zingers

Orlando the Silkie. Definitely a boy.

Hello! It's been a busy July, as evidenced by last week's utter lack of posts. Despite the fact that I got a surprise four day weekend (my office was supposed to be open July 3rd, but at the last second my boss decided to give us an additional paid holiday - win!) I managed to fill every spare moment with things that were not blogging. I also made some very non-frugal decisions while I was away from this space. Coincidence? Maybe. 

In that spirit, here are three frugal fails we experienced in the last few weeks. 

1. Busted my budget because friends came to town. 

My oldest friend - we've known each other since we were 12! - moved to North Carolina a few years ago. The only downside? She moved just outside of Charlotte, which is a solid four hours from Wilmington. We only see each other once or twice a year, and this past weekend she and her boyfriend made the trek to the Port City. We mostly had budget friendly fun (backyard beers and cornhole, breakfast at home à la the ladies, the amazingly tacky Museum of the Bizarre, which is just $3). We also had some not-so budget friendly fun (dinner out, a visit to the brewery, the Fort Fisher Aquarium). It could have been much worse (and in the past it was) but a fun visit early in the month means our entertainment budget is non-existent until August. Worth it.

2. Discovered two out of four chicks are roosters. 

Back in April we got seven new chicks. Due to a tragic event, only four made it through the first week. Now that the chicks are about three and a half months old, it's become clear that we have two roosters on our hands. We usually get rid of our roos - we found Lou a home, and Pop fed some friends. Our current roosters are Bianca the Rhode Island Red, and Orlando the Silkie. Bianca is already crowing, but he's also kind of nice. I'd like to find him a home rather than a soup pot. Orlando is extremely sweet, quiet, and has me dreaming of raising Silkie chicks next spring, so I'm going to keep him around. Which means all the effort we put into expanding our flock this year will result in roughly one extra egg a day. In the meantime, I created an Instagram account for the Silkies. Do yourself a favor and give them a follow. 

3. Spent ten hours power washing our deck. 

Because we live in coastal North Carolina, heat, humidity, and mold are a part of our every day existence. The back of our house and our deck were looking pretty bad, so we decided to power wash them. The problem? We borrowed a very small power washer from a friend, because we're too broke to rent or buy one. This power washer hooked up to the hose and wasn't as effective as I was hoping. We had to go inch by inch, especially on the deck, in order to see a difference. We probably spent about 10 hours total which was a huge waste of time, not to mention water. Next year I'm just going to rent a heavy duty power washer and get the job done in 30 minutes, because sometimes time is worth more than money.

Have you experienced any frugal fails lately? Let me know and we can wallow together.