Saturday, August 12, 2017

Weekends Reads From Around the Web

Some things I read and liked this past week... 

Writers, Protect Your Inner Life, LitHub. "We’re living in a culture in which the Wall Street Journal publishes a front-page article about a dermatologist who pops pimples on Youtube, getting 2.4 million subscribers. As guardian of our inner lives, we must protect our inner selves from the Pavlovian part of us that responds, “2.4 million subscribers!” We must instead remember St. Exupery’s words that “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” We must wall off our inner selves from the colonizing part that assesses, quantifies, judges."

How to Spend the Last Ten Minutes of Your Work Day, Entrepreneur. I've started doing some of these (brain dump + a list for the next day) and I already feel more productive and less stressed.

Multilevel-marketing companies like LuLaRoe are forcing people into debt and psychological crisis, Quartz. "This isn’t a story about leggings, however. It’s not even a story about LuLaRoe. This is the story of rural and suburban disenfranchisement and the MLMs that offer desperate American women a chance at clawing their way out."

What to Say When People Ask Why You Aren’t Having Children, New York Times.

The Epilogue of 'The Handmaid's Tale' Changes Everything You Thought You Knew About the Book, Electric Literature."A big part of the horror of The Handmaid’s Tale is that, despite the suffering that women endure, future society regards the treatment of Gilead’s women as a simple fact of history; something to be learned about rather than cautioned against."

I Make $6,000 a Month Freelancing, Daily Worth. Some good advice here, especially if you're new to the freelance lifestyle or considering taking the plunge. Related reading: Freelance Achievement Stickers.

How to Have a Career: Advice to Young Writers, Sarah Manguso. "Be relentless. All over the world, people are working harder than you."

Annie Dillard's Classic Essay "Total Eclipse", The Atlantic. We'll be traveling to the PATH OF TOTALITY for the big event on August 21st. In the meantime I'm psyching myself up with this amazing essay. The Atlantic will keep it up until the 22nd, so read it while you can!

I'm Halfway Through My 30s and I've Made a Terrible Mistake, The Billfold. I published this short essay on The Billfold last week and it seems to have struck a nerve. Let me know what you think.